Lady Scarlet – Fat with holes

ITALIAN LANGUAGEMy doormat has greased and this bothers me a lot. He should always keep fit for his Miss! Instead he did not and for this I will step on him with my heels without any mercy! I approach him almost gently, showing the sandals I am wearing well, without telling him the reason for my punishment. I make him kiss them in greeting and submission and then I step on him. My heels immediately sink into the fat. I enjoy crushing him, I sink more and more. I even jump on him and he squirms like pudding. Too funny! While I laugh he complains. I can stay even without hands, in balance. Now he is all pitted, he begs me for mercy. I walk away without saying anything but hoping that with my actions he has guessed what has bothered me…

Lady Scarlet - Fat with holes

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