Miss Jen Bailey – High Heel Trampling (1080p MP4)

Miss Jen Bailey is here again, but this time shes wearing her beautiful leather boots with some very sharp high heels.Dressed very casually Miss Jenny gets on with the trampling straight from the beginning. Doesnt show the skinny slave any mercy, she spent pretty much the entire clip on his body. Scratching him with her heels, she is really satisfied with the beautiful marks she leaves on his red chest and stomach. The Goddess actually uses the real floor a couple of times for a few seconds only. The rest of the clip shes just trampling the pathetic slave. He is suffering a lot, but this doesnt bother Miss Jenny. She is just having fun and you can see by the end of the clip some really, really beautiful heel marks on the slaves front.The trampling is happening only on the slaves chest and stomach the whole time.

Miss Jen Bailey - High Heel Trampling (1080p MP4)

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