Mistress Youko – Bare Feet Head Standing (1080p MP4)

Mistress Youko is here again. Actually this is a continuation from the previous two clips we have filmed some time ago:- Mistress Youko – High Heels Trampling in Luxury Leather Boots- Mistress Youko – Your Face My Human FurnitureThe slave is already in pain of course and mostly his body, but the Mistress hasnt finished with him yet. As you all know already Mistress Youko is quite sadistic, so now she will use her full weight carelessly trample the slaves head pretty much the whole time. Only using her gorgeous bare feet. There are some jumps on the slaves chest, stomach and on his back, but The Goddess is focused mainly on trampling the slaves pathetic head. Obviously he is suffering, but this is just a joy for Mistress Youko.For all the barefoot lovers. You dont want to miss this clip.

Mistress Youko - Bare Feet Head Standing (1080p MP4)

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