Miss Demi Lux – Doc Martens Trample (1080p MP4)

Miss Demi Lux comes back home today after visiting a friend and one of her slaves is lying down on the floor waiting for her.Dressed casually in her Dr Martens, Miss Demi wastes no time and begins to trample her slave only on his chest and stomach. She shows him no mercy with full weight trampling while he is obviously struggling beneath her ankle leather boots. Standing on him, ignoring him a few times while checking on her phone, bouncing on him a little bit Miss Demi really enjoys having the slave beneath her boots. She spends pretty much most of the time using his body as the actual floor instead of the real floor.Miss Demi doesnt talk the entire clip, but smiling and looking straight to the camera most of the time. She clearly enjoys what she is doing and at the end of the clip she just leaves the slave there lying down helplessly on the floor.

Miss Demi Lux - Doc Martens Trample (1080p MP4)

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