Miss Courtney – Casadei Hand Branding (1080p MP4)

Miss Courtney is a very elegant and gorgeous Mistress who loves wearing expensive clothes and especially boots. Today she is wearing her brand new luxurious Casadei leather boots. And whats the best way to break them in, of course by trampling the pathetic hands of one of her slaves.Dressed very casually as well, wearing her nice tight blue jeans and black leather jacket The Goddess will be having fun with the skinny slave. He is instructed to be completely silent as he is just an object for Miss Courtney. He somehow managed to do that, but not entirely. You can see very well that he is in a lot of pain during the trampling as Miss Courtney doesnt show him any mercy. Walking over his hands and fingers, standing on them at absolutely full weight to the point where you can see the sole of her boots on the slaves skin. Nice branding actually.You can also enjoy some stomps and some nice twisting alongside with a couple of slow motion moments as well. Weve added them for some of the nice action. Really hot clip !

Miss Courtney - Casadei Hand Branding (1080p MP4)

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