Lady Scarlet – Merciless High Heel Trampling (1080p MP4)

This is a continuation from the previous 4 clips which were filmed with the amazing and sadistic Lady Scarlet. The following clips you see below.- Lady Scarlet – Your Face is my Boot Rest- Lady Scarlet – Your Hands and Fingers Belong Beneath my Boots- Lady Scarlet – Ignored CBT Bootrest with Cumshot- Lady Scarlet – Your Tongue Belongs to my Dirty SolesAs you are aware the slave is already absolutely knackered, but The Mistress has one more idea in mind for him. She didnt trample him using her high heels and this is what is about to happen. Basically he is just a new carpet for her and she wants to enjoy leaving some nice and beautiful heel marks on his body. The slave is suffering a lot in this clip, but Lady Scarlet is enjoying the trampling so much. He is holding her boots in an attempt to prevent her from digging her sharp high heels into his body, but it doesnt help him at all. Lady Scarlet just keeps going, not showing him any mercy. She is a very sadistic Goddess. Honestly she spent most of the time during the clip on his vulnerable and skinny body trampling his front, his back for only two minutes and a little bit of his balls. The slave is in a lot of pain, moaning and nearly crying at some point. You can see he is struggling a lot to cope with the pain. Well thats unfortunate for him, but such a pleasure for Lady Scarlet.You know by now the sadistic and cruel style of Lady Scarlet, so enjoy this amazing trampling.

Lady Scarlet - Merciless High Heel Trampling (1080p MP4)

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