Mistress Zara Fox – Bare Feet Trampling (1080p MP4)

This is a continuation from the previous clip starring Mistress Zara Fox and The Countess Coco. You can find it on our store.As you already know the slave is already in pain after the long trampling he had to experience, but Mistress Zara Fox wants to have a little bit more fun with him. Actually she needs to do some work on her phone and the slave will become her human carpet. Standing on his head, trampling his chest and stomach pretty much the entire clip, ignoring him from time to time as well, Mistress Zara Fox is doing what she likes. She also takes some pictures while standing on top of him and calls another Mistress to tell her about the fun shes having with the slave.Some spitting is also taking place and to be honest the slave is pretty quiet the whole time. He moans a little bit, but as soon hes told to shut up he obediently listens to Mistress Zara Fox.There is some seated trampling on the slaves back, but not a lot. Its really nice sensual trampling by the way. Mistress Zara is just having fun using the slave as an object beneath her beautiful bare feet and her dominance is so worth watching.

Mistress Zara Fox - Bare Feet Trampling (1080p MP4)

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