Goddess Luna – Brand New Doc Martens Trample (1080p MP4)

Goddess Luna is here again. Shes got brand new Dr Martens and she wants to test them out on the slave. As we know this is the best way.Straight from the beginning The Goddess started to trample the skinny slave only on his front the entire clip. There is no trampling on his back. Anyway, standing on him most of the time Goddess Luna really enjoys the beautiful boot prints she is leaving on his vulnerable red skin. Laughing at him while he is suffering and ignoring him from time to time while doing some stuff on her phone Goddess Luna enjoys using the slave as a personal human floor. Actually she spends most of time using his body rather than using the actual wooden floor instead. There are also a couple of moments of ball crushing, a little bit of hand trampling and some walkover, but the trampling is mostly on his chest and stomach.At the end of the clip The Goddess just keeps standing on the slave as he is just something that belongs beneath her boots.

Goddess Luna - Brand New Doc Martens Trample (1080p MP4)

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