Goddess Luna – Cum for my Leather Boots (1080p MP4)

Sitting very comfortably on the couch Goddess Luna calls one of her slaves in to put her everyday leather boots on. She wants to check her messages while using the slave as she sees fit.Shes in a mood for some trampling today and of course the slave finds himself on the floor straight from the beginning. The Goddess walks back and floor all over his stomach by digging her thick heels while checking her messages on her phone and ignoring him most of the time. But at some point she gets bored and just wants to continue with the trampling, but standing on the slave a couple more times.Towards the end of the clip Goddess Luna decides to jerk his small cock off and the slave is so pathetic that he asks for permission to have an orgasm. The Goddess is actually in a good mood and allows him to cum for her leather boots.

Goddess Luna - Cum for my Leather Boots (1080p MP4)

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