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Lady Dark Angel – High Heel Trampling and Ball Crushing (1080p MP4)

Lady Dark Angel is a very luxury Goddess as you already know. But at the same time shes incredibly sadistic. And today you can enjoy her sadism. Well we dont know about the slave.Dressed in her gorgeous Karen Millen dress, Gucci black leather belt and also wearing her black leather Fernando Berlin boots Lady Dark Angel will have some fun trampling the skinny slave. Of course not only his body, but also his balls. She doesnt show him any mercy whatsoever and keeps causing a lot of pain over and over again. The slave is moaning a lot, but that doesnt help.Mercilessly walking over his stomach back and forth, standing on his stomach as well with absolutely full weight, crushing his balls, using her extremely sharp high heels on his balls, Lady Dark Angel is really having fun. You can see towards the end of the clip that the balls of the slave are red which of course make the Goddess happier. She just loves digging her heels into his balls and body.And the trampling is happening only on the slaves front including as we have mentioned above his stomach and his balls. To be honest the clip is extremely painful for the slave, but immensely enjoyable for Lady Dark Angel. You know her cruel style, so enjoy this amazing clip.

Lady Dark Angel - High Heel Trampling and Ball Crushing (1080p MP4)

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