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Miss Courtney – Useless Boot Licker (720p MP4)

Miss Courtney is looking so hot again dressed very casually this time. Wearing her tight blue jeans, black shirt, black leather blazer and her gorgeous luxurious leather riding boots.She calls one of her slaves to come and clean her precious riding boots, but a few seconds later Miss Courtney has noticed that hes wearing a mask that covers his mouth. So how is he supposed to lick her boots clean then ? He says that he forgot his other mask, but he will be punished for that simple mistake.The Goddess starts with some light kicks, but Miss Courtney doesnt like kicking him in these boots, because they are too special and too expensive, so she doesnt want to damage them. After 5 minutes of some kicking and verbally humiliating the slave explaining him how useless he is, Miss Courtney tells him to lie down on the cold concrete floor (btw its winter outside and the floor is freezing cold) so she can trample him. The slaves hands are tied up in chain, so he cant move them to protect himself which is such a pleasure for Miss Courtney. She tramples his chest and stomach for about 5-6 minutes. A moment of head standing and some hand trampling are also taking place including some stomps and jumps. And the slave is pretty much quiet the entire clip. He just makes some funny sounds.You know the beautiful and sadistic style of Miss Courtney, so enjoy the clip.

Miss Courtney - Useless Boot Licker (720p MP4)

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