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Lady Scarlet – 7 Mistresses and their trampling

A birthday party turns into a mega carpet! And the birthday boy, together with his two best friends, becomes the human carpet for 7 Mistresses plus my female slave… He thought hed excel on his day of celebration, instead he found himself under all of us, literally, and under my female slave . Lying on the ground, crushed by countless heels, these doormats are aware of the luck they are having and therefore, despite the pain, they will try to resist as much as possible. More resistance, more fun for all of us! After the heels its time for our veiled feet. Only a Mistress doesnt wear stockings… And at this stage there is a twist! I take my slave on a leash, drag her next to the birthday boy, order her to lie down on the ground and climb on top of her. She too will be trampled. Unconventional parties are always the best…Mistresses: Lady Scarlet, Mistress Gaia, Claire Delacroix, Gea Domina, Cleo Domina, Lilli Bayle, Ambra.

Lady Scarlet - 7 Mistresses and their trampling

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