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KIRA and NICOLE – Pathetic carpet for merciless girls! (HD)

Kira and Nicole decided to have fun today with their pathetic slave girl zoe. Today they use her as a carpet .. zoe lies at the girls feet like a worm and begs for mercy. Nicole stands on zoe and jumps on her like on a trampoline .. At the same time, Kira presses zoes head with her feet to the floor. The slave girl begs the girls to stop but it only amuses them and they laugh at her because she is nothing at their feet! Kira and Nicole wipe their sweaty, bare soles on zoes tongue and discuss her efforts .. Nicole walks on zoes back while Kira pushes her bare foot into the slave girls mouth. The girls trample zoe, jump on her and insult her with various humiliationg words. Nicole and Kira order the slave girl to worship their feet and thank them for the opportunity to under them. (English subtitles)

KIRA and NICOLE - Pathetic carpet for merciless girls! (HD)

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