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GABRIELLA – “WHO ENSLAVED ROGER RABBIT?” – Trampling, throat and face standing, face trampling

This is the story of how Jessica met, seduced, bewitched Roger and how she made him lose his mind. When she realized that he was totally in love and would do anything for her, she decided to make him her slave…Roger is increasingly mad with love but cruel Jessica is still not convinced to keep him with Her, so She decides to give him another test: She starts to trample him all over his body then She stands on his face FULL WEIGHT without mercy in many different positions, smothering him. She tramples and MARCHES on his face, for long time, smiling while he suffers, squeezing and crushing it under Her beautiful feet. She doesnt care at all if he cannot breath or if he suffers, if She destroys his face, nose, lips, eyes, She keep standing and marching on his face merciless! Then She says “congratulations, you passes all the tests! So I decide to keep you! But….. non as my boyfriend, but just as my slave!”. Poor Roger is ready to cry but in order not to lose Her he is willing to do anything, so he accepts! Jessica smiles satisfied and She orders him to kiss Her feet, then She gives him his first slave task: She makes kiss all Her shoes then She orders him to lick them clean!


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