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Goddess Katlyn Moree – Sadistic Bare Feet Trampling (1080p MP4)

Goddess Katlyn Moree loves punishing slaves and we believe you already know that from the previous two clips we have filmed with her. You can find them on our store.Today she will be trampling one of her slaves using her gorgeous bare feet and ignoring him from time to time while looking at her phone. The slave is obviously nothing for her, just something to walk on, a human carpet for her beautiful feet.This is the same slave from the previous clips, so he is already in pain and absolutely knackered, but the Goddess wants to have a little bit more fun. Walking over him, trampling his head as well, Goddess Katlyn doesnt show him any mercy at all. Clearly you can see she is having fun.The slave is pretty much quiet the entire clip. You can only hear him gasping for air from time to time and moaning a little bit, but Goddess Katlyn doesnt really care about that. She doesnt talk to him, just looks at him sometimes.The trampling is full weight and its only happening on his chest, stomach and the slaves head.

Goddess Katlyn Moree - Sadistic Bare Feet Trampling (1080p MP4)

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