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Lady Scarlet – You Are Just an Object for me (1080p MP4)

Lady Scarlet comes back to have some fun with one of her slaves because she was bored earlier today and wants to trample him just because she feels like it.Dressed very casually and wearing her black leather ankle boots, her tight blue jeans and black leather blazer The Mistress looks so beautiful. But the slave will not have the chance to enjoy this view, because he will be suffering beneath her boots almost the entire clip. Lady Scarlet spends most of the time on his body rather than using the actual floor. The slave is just an object for her, nothing more.Trampling his front the entire time including some hands trampling and a few very beautiful moments of head standing/trampling absolutely full weight. You can see very well that the slave is suffering a lot, but that only brings a smile to the face of the Mistress. There is also a lovely moment Lady Scarlet really enjoys when she is standing on top of the slave using her boot and bouncing his head off the floor and you can very well hear the sound of the slaves head hitting the floor. That brings so much joy for the Mistress.The clip will have a continuation, so keep your eyes peeled guys. At the end of the clip Lady Scarlet takes her boots off and the trampling continues…

Lady Scarlet - You Are Just an Object for me (1080p MP4)

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