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Miss Jessica Wood – Merciless Hogtied Trampling in Riding Boots (1080p MP4)

Miss Jessica Wood doesnt show any mercy to her slaves and today it wont be any different. And because she is a really sadistic Mistress she keeps one of her slaves hogtied on the floor as he wasnt behaving well enough. He thinks this will be his punishment, just lying down there, but he was wrong.Dressed in her beautiful riding attire including her black heavy leather riding boots, white jodhpurs, white shirt and black blazer Miss Jessica comes back to check her phone and to punish the slave because she feels like it. She is actually waiting to receive a message, so she can go to meet up with a friend, so by the time shes waiting the slave will suffer a lot. As you can see guys the slave is struggling beneath the riding boots of the Goddess as she is using her full weight standing on him pretty much the entire clip. We mean she was using the actual carpet, but not a lot. Hes been ignored as well, but at some point he was moaning, so Miss Jessica tells him to shut up.Its really hot trampling to be honest and the trampling on his back is about 6 minutes and the rest of it is the trampling on his front. You can also enjoy some one boot head standing many times and some hand trampling as well. Of course at the end Miss Jessica received her message and she leaves the slave there lying down on the carpet absolutely helpless and in pain.All riding boots lovers – you dont want to miss this clip. There are close ups.

Miss Jessica Wood - Merciless Hogtied Trampling in Riding Boots (1080p MP4)

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