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Lady Isla – Hands Trampling in my Brand New Leather Boots (1080p MP4)

Lady Isla is here again, but this time shes got a slave at her mercy. The Mistress is really in the mood of some nice hands trampling, which is going to be fun for her, but not so fun for the slave as hes got his hands tied up to the chair.Dressed in leather from head to toe (she loves wearing leather by the way and she does it very often) Lady Isla enters the room and starts treading on the slaves vulnerable and skinny hands. But you can enjoy a minute of boots introduction beforehand. You can see them closer before they start causing harm to the slaves hands.So walking back and forth for a few moments, standing on his hands for about 30 seconds and some seated hands trampling all this is just fun for Lady Isla. She just wants to try her new boots.Just a little note. The clip is filmed in two camera angles only and you can not see the face of the Mistress the entire clip. You can see the angles by watching the GIF and the preview.Also weve added a couple of moments of close ups and slow motion. You can see one of them by watching the GIF.And there will be a continuation clip very soon, so keep your eyes peeled guys. Also Lady Isla doesnt talk pretty mush the whole clip. Just saying a few words.

Lady Isla - Hands Trampling in my Brand New Leather Boots (1080p MP4)

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