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Mistress Krush – Suffer for my Loubs (1080p MP4)

Mistress Krush has one of her slaves lying down on the cold floor today waiting to be used again.Wearing her expensive Louboutins, very short black leather skirt and very nice shirt Mistress Krush will be having fun the skinny and pathetic slave while causing him a lot of pain. Using her heels to scratch his body and leave some nice heel marks The Mistress really enjoys her time with him, because she knows how extremely sharp the high heels of her stilettos are.Mistress Krush also knows how vulnerable the balls of the slave are and shortly after the high heels trampling shes started using her shoes to squash his small balls. You can see really well that the slave is in a lot of pain but The Mistress doesnt have mercy. Verbally humiliating him telling him exactly what he can do, the slave is really obedient and listen very carefully what hes been told to despite the pain hes experiencing.The trampling is happening only on the slaves front (chest, stomach and balls) and you can see some really nice marks on his body. You know the sadistic style of Mistress Krush, so no need to tell you more. Just enjoy the video.

Mistress Krush - Suffer for my Loubs (1080p MP4)

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