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Lady Dark Angel – Tough Lesson for the Intruder (1080p MP4)

You know Lady Dark Angel very well by now. Probably you also remember the fact that most of her high heeled boots have been adapted, so the heels are extremely sharp. So the leather boots she wears today are one of them and the heels are metal, so you can imagine how sharp they are.The slave has been found inside the personal dressing room of Lady Dark Angel. Of course he is not allowed in there and he will be punished severely. This is just one area he doesnt enter into.Lady Dark Angel is not happy about that and the trampling begins. But as we all know she doesnt just like ordinary high heels trampling, so some nice cock and balls trampling occurs as well. Of course you can enjoy trampling on his chest and stomach. Not on his back.Lady Dark Angel loves inflicting pain on the slave and towards the end of the clip, she just stands on him digging her high heels while he has to be completely silent otherwise she wont move.

Lady Dark Angel - Tough Lesson for the Intruder (1080p MP4)

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