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Miss Anna Elite – Merciless Hands Trampling (1080p MP4)

Miss Anna Elite comes back to the dungeon today to have some fun with one of her slaves. Shes kind of in a good mood, but that doesnt mean the slave wont be suffering a lot.Dressed very casually and wearing her black leather heavy riding boots Miss Anna will be trampling the slaves hands and fingers the entire clip. Walking back and forth on them, standing on them, spitting on them The Goddess doesnt show any mercy for that pathetic slave. You can see the boot prints on his hands a few times. There are also a few moments of ignoring trampling, but most of the time Miss Anna just walks back and forth all over the slaves skinny hands. You can tell that the slave is in a lot of pain, but The Goddess doesnt care. You know the sadistic style of Miss Anna. No need to tell you more.Weve added a short moment of slow motion for some of the beautiful walkover trampling.

Miss Anna Elite - Merciless Hands Trampling (1080p MP4)

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