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Lady Valeska – My Personal Human Floor (1080p MP4)

Lady Valeska is here today.So she comes back home, but just for a few minutes only and she will be going out again. One of her personal slaves is there lying on the floor. The Goddess loves using him as a personal human floor and thats exactly what is going to happen to him. By the way Lady Valeska is 6 foot tall which is 183 centimetres, so imagine putting her full weight on him. As you can see he is quite skinny and every time Lady Valeska steps on his body, it is turning red.Walking back and forth, standing on him, trampling his hands, his stomach, his chest and a little bit his back Lady Valeska ignores him pretty much the entire time. She tells him a couple of times to flip over because she wants to cover his back with boot prints as well. Literally the slave is there, but he is not there. He is only a subject, something to step on instead of the real floor. He is struggling for air as well, but Lady Valeska is not bothered about that at all.Wearing her dirty black Hunter Wellies, black leather trousers and black leather jacket the Goddess doesnt care if the slaves body is bruised and covered with the soles of her boots. As you probably know these boots have really rough soles.Of course the slave is left out there lying down and suffering on the floor at the end of the clip when Lady Valeska is done with him, but until she comes back again. There will be a continuation…Weve added a moment of slow motion for some of the hands trampling. Enjoy

Lady Valeska - My Personal Human Floor (1080p MP4)

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