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Slava – Christmas Cuckold Trampling (4K)

Slava celebrates Christmas with her boyfriend. She also didnt forget about the slave, and in order not to leave him alone on this festive night, she took him with her. Of course, Alex is not a real cuckold in the ordinary sense, because he not only didnÂ’t have sex with Slava, he never had it with any other people at all… only boots, shoes and sometimes feet. But he is Slavas long-term slave and good helper in any way. And tonight she uses him as a human carpet to be the same height as her boyfriend so it would be convenient for them to hug and kiss. Slava tramples and stomps Alex without pity with her full weight (63kg / 139lbs). Shes so happy with her boyfriend that she doesnt even notice the slave when dance on him and donÂ’t worry about where she steps on. Slava very likes to stand only on one foot and balance in this pose for a long time. Shes also stands on Alexs face and makes him smell her sweaty feet in black stockings. She didnt forget to slap slaves face with her foot and kick it as well too. Finally, Slava jumps on the slave with all her power, because its cool and so fun! Who said that being Slavas slave is easy, huh!?Duration: 6min 57sec

Slava - Christmas Cuckold Trampling (4K)

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