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Lady Dark Angel – I Want to See my Heel Marks (1080p MP4)

Lady Dark Angel loves to tie up her slaves and today it wont be any different. You can see the arms of the slave tied up to the bed, so he cant move them much. Which is such a pleasure for the Goddess.You know how sadistic Lady Dark Angel is and you can enjoy another great and merciless female domination again.Walking back and forth, ignoring the slave, digging her sharp high heels into his flesh, trampling him as well, The Goddess really enjoys what shes doing. The slave is screaming in pain begging her to stop, but she just continues a little bit more and more until she can see her sharp high heel marks on his body. Her boots are falling apart, but that doesnt stop her from trampling the pathetic and skinny slave. To be honest guys this trampling is very extreme for the slave and you can see it very well.By the end of the clip she takes her boots off and sends the slave to buy her absolutely the same pair of leather boots which is going to be really difficult, as these boots were limited edition, so who knows he might be able to find another pair.

Lady Dark Angel - I Want to See my Heel Marks (1080p MP4)

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