Trampling Movies

You love high heels – I love the marks!

Look at these beautiful heels, slave! You love these sexy heels, dont you? I like them too – but for a completely different reason! You love how they look on my sexy feet – I love the beautiful marks the thin heels leave on your skin! Youre lucky today – youll get a very close up look at my high heels … but for this honor, youll suffer massively! Ill walk over your face and stand on it, leaving behind painful marks as my full weight comes down on these thin heels. Dont you love the view slave? I surely love how you scream in pain under my feet! And keep your head steady – you really dont want me to slip with these heels … unthinkable what they would do to your skin or to your eyes when I would slip! When Im done with you, your whole face will be covered in heel marks – and youll be clearly marked as a doormat for the upcoming weeks!

You love high heels - I love the marks!

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