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Miss Anna Elite – Merciless Boots Trampling (1080p MP4)

Miss Anna Elite is not happy today as the slave didnt do one of his chores properly. Well he thinks he did it, but the Goddess is not satisfied at all.Dressed casually in her tight blue jeans, black leather ankle boots and a white shirt, Miss Anna gets on with the trampling straight from the beginning. Showing no mercy to that pathetic slave, he is really struggling to take the pain and he is hogtied by the way, so its even harder for him.The trampling is obviously really hard for him as he is moaning a lot from the beginning. He says Sorry many times, also asking the Mistress to stop by saying Please, please, but that doesnt help him at all. Miss Anna Elite doesnt stop.You can enjoy really nice hard stomping, some jumping and some head trampling as well. Most of the trampling is on the slave chest and stomach, but you can also enjoy some trampling on his back.The slave told us after we had finished the clip, that this was one of the hardest trampling hes ever experienced and you can see that for yourself. Miss Anna is really cruel and sadistic this time. The slave is absolutely ruined by the end of the clip.

Miss Anna Elite - Merciless Boots Trampling (1080p MP4)

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