Trampling Clips


ITALIAN SPEAKINGI ordered my two slaves to clean my dungeon. However, when I returned they were messing around and not much had been done. Since they like each others company so much, I decided to punish them together. I put him on the floor, and with his body outstretched I bound him in chains to the walls. Then I ordered my other bitch to stand on him, while I bound her wrists and attached her to the suspension cable. I hoisted her up just enough so she could barely balance on her human furniture. He started to squeal under her weight as she tries to keep her balance. With my bullwhip to hand, Im going to enjoy making them suffer. I begin with some light strokes to get my range, then increase the severity of my lashes. My bitch squeals for mercy as my painful lashes cause her to trample and dance on my male slut. They cant escape, and Im having so mush fun as they painfully suffer. Im sure they never thought it would end up being such a cruel romance…


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