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Trampling With No Mercy – Aurora Nia Noxx

here is another phantastic new clip with newest goddess lady aurora nia noxx. this time she would love to inflict pain by trampling. but first lets have a look how gorgeous lady aurora looks in a wonderful dress that emphase her female curves pretty wonderful. what an honour for any slave to be in service of such a wonderful lady.the slave is already lying on the floor and at once the lady starts to trample him with her cruel heels. she stands on them with full weight and the slave is in serious trouble as she digs her heels into his hands! he is even in more trouble when she stands on him leaving nice imprints on his stomach. the slave cries and moans out very loud even when the lady just touches his body. it seems he is pretty affraid of those heels. so the lady decides to make it a lil bit easier for him by taking her heels of. now its time to get trampled by her stockinged feet as she also jumps on him and putting her hot foot onto his face! wonderful and hard trampling action!

Trampling With No Mercy - Aurora Nia Noxx

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