Trampling Movies


ITALIAN SPEAKINGToday @DungeonRoma I have a slave on the facesitting bench. However, with only his face showing I have decided to make a subtle change to his punishment. I am wearing a very sexy pair of shiny black pantyhose. They are so fucking sensual. With just a touch of my silky feet, I know my bitch will want to cum. Im going to begin with allowing him to smell my beautiful stiletto shoes, and after removing them he must smell my silky feet. Then Its time for him to suffer, as I trample on his face. He cant escape, and Im enjoying making him gasp for air as I trample on his worthless face. I then get his cock out and begin to give it some foot slapping. I know my bitch would like to cum. Not yet… I continue to trample his face a bit more then allow him to take hold of his cock. As I give him a countdown, my bitch has to make himself cum. Well.. he must have been ready for his ecstasy, as I finally reach the end of my count he squirts he mess over his belly. I tell him he must remain in that position until I return, as Im not yet finished with my footsmother wanker…


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