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Lady Scarlet – Apotheosis

ITALIAN LANGUAGEMy friend and Me are very sensual wearing sheer stockings that highlight our long legs and spotted décolleté. We approach the slave who is lying on the floor and awaiting our treatment. He still doesnt know that while Maya is trampling him I will jerk off him to make him cum. Lets start to trample him together. The heels sink and he moans. When the first signs appear, I decide to tease his cock. He gets excited, and then I stop. We still step on him. We take off our shoes and with her feet veiled my friend goes on his face while I masturbate him with my hands and feet. His moans are both of pain and of pleasure and I feel he is close to enjoying. I stop. Our sadistic game isnt over yet. We put our heels back on and now while I step on him, Maya is jerking off him with the sole of her shoe. This doormat is more and more exhausted, for him it is a double suffering. I get off, grab his cock and masturbate him with both my hands and feet while my friend goes on him. He reaches orgasm on my feet with heels in the flesh, between moans of pleasure and pain and my exclamation: the apotheosis!

Lady Scarlet - Apotheosis

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