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Lady Scarlet – 7 torments with 7 Mistresses TRAMPLING

ITALIAN LANGUAGEThis is a very special party with 7 beautiful and sadistic Mistresses, eager to have fun with the slaves in different ways. The slaves are well aware of the privilege they have and the most unique opportunity to serve so many Mistresses, and their commitment will be maximum.Now its time for trampling! Three worms lying on the ground and us Mistresses in a row above them, we help each other by holding on to the parallels and a beam that descends from the ceiling as our sharp heels enter their flesh. There is a great variety of shoes, decollete, sandals, boots, shiny leather, red and black; whatever the shoe the result is the same: screams of pain from the crushed mats. While we discuss which parts to step on, including their miserable genitals, we decide to take off our shoes and continue barefoot: some of us are barefoot while others wear stockings or fishnets. Now we can get on their heads too, so we crush and deform their faces without ever stopping.

Lady Scarlet - 7 torments with 7 Mistresses TRAMPLING

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