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Lady Scarlet – Strong barefeet trampling

Victoria invited me to step on a doormat with her and I accepted with great pleasure. Her doormat is basically made of rubber and can be trampled on every part of his body. With the help of a bar attached to the ceiling we both climb onto this poor slave at the same time and slaughter him by walking and jumping on his face, body, cock and balls. Victoria then shows me how her doormat also manages to lift off the ground using his arms and legs: I just want to see how much he holds up in this position with all my weight on him as I move too. Obviously after a while he gives up and as a punishment we climb together on his face: four feet on his face that hinder his breathing. Now a few jumps and then more facestanding, we really want to destroy his skull! We then finish with an angry march on his body, a barrage of blows that leaves him red and breathless.

Lady Scarlet - Strong barefeet trampling

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