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Lady Scarlet – Facestanding with shoes and stockings

Today I meet again my favorite mat after months and I really want to make up for all this time. A nice facestanding in heels without mercy. I immediately go up on him to leave some marks and holes on the abdomen and after a while I reach his face: I crush him with one foot and plug his mouth with the other to muffle his moans. He is behaving well and so I allow him to take my shoes off and to feel my feet veiled in black stockings on him. Without shoes it is really like a walk in the park and he hardly complains even as I walk back and forth on his body, then always pausing with my feet together on his face. I have my shoes put on again to leave a few more marks before I leave him while he humbly thanks me.

Lady Scarlet - Facestanding with shoes and stockings

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