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Lady Ariel And Lady Emily – Exam Failed – BRUTAL Trampling And Facestanding Beatdown

Bratty college students Ariel and Emily studied hard to pass their exams, so they will have their summer free to enjoy. But just one asshole professor didnt qualify them to pass the exam, even if they deserved to! The two Ladies are so angry with him, now they will have to study in the summer! They cannot let it go, they will pay a visit to their professor, after all they know his little secret!Ariel and Emily visit the professor and he looks surprised and annoyed by the visit. He tells them that they deserved to fail and that they should not visit him about that, so now they just have to go home and study. But Emily asks him if he likes her feet, moving them near his face and making him sweat! The two bratty Ladies know his fetish, in the class he cannot take his eyes off their feet and they always tease him with some dangling and foot play!The two bratty Princesses cannot believe that this loser professor still doesnt want to give them a good grade, even after they made him a bitch under their feet! They throw him on the bed and they start to trample him brutally in a crazy way! Without giving him a break they kick and stomp his body and face hard and they crush his bones under their cruel feet, standing on him together at all time. Usually one of them stands on his face or abuses it, when the other does the same on his body! The two Ladies are in a tramplemania, they are so exited to destroy their professor under their sexy feet, they obviously they forgot all about the grades and now is all about the trampling fun!

Lady Ariel And Lady Emily - Exam Failed - BRUTAL Trampling And Facestanding Beatdown

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