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Lady Scarlet – Like snake bites

My doormat awaits me lying in front of the X cross, he knows well that I should have something else to unload the weight on besides him but this time it will not be enough because he has not seen my shoes yet… I approach with dizzying spiked, sharp stiletto heels that hurt just if you look at them, the doormat greets me, kisses my shoes but I immediately explain to him that I feel evil today. I step on him and the screams of pain are immediate, these heels are really merciless! I enjoy leaving deep marks in his flesh as I completely ignore his pain. I also walk a little further down and when I get to the genitals he begs me to spare them, as if there is something to save under there… Meanwhile the marks increase like snake bites, the heels sink and he keeps screaming and asking for a break, but I had it said I would have no mercy today…

Lady Scarlet - Like snake bites

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