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Mistress Helga – Hand Trampling in Sneakers

Mistress Helga needs to change a bulb. Because slave is a bad houseworker and cant change a bulb or even clean the dust from it by himself, she decide to do it solus. But what about the punishment? Mistress Helga tells Alex to keep his hands on the steps of her old and dirty stepladder. She stands on the slaves fingers with her full weight (45kg / 99lbs) and do her job. Mistress Helga is not very heavy, but when she stands on the Alexs boney fingers and pushes them to the solid steps of stepladder he screams a lot. Especially when she stands only on one foot for a long time and ignores slaves whining. Finally she decide to make a really cruel punishment and stand on the slaves tongue in her dirty well worn sneakers. Alex not only suffers from a huge pain, but also feels a taste of sneakers soles. Mistress Helga so loves tongue trampling so even decide to do it more often.

Mistress Helga - Hand Trampling in Sneakers

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