Trampling Clips

Human Doormat for Miss Patricia – Second Part

Dressed in green latex attire wearing some black pointy toe high heeled boots Miss Patricia is having a slave at her mercy in the dungeon. Btw this is a continuation from the clip Human Doormat for Miss Patricia.The slave is already in pain, but Miss Patricia wants to have more fun. He is naked on the cold floor waiting obediently to be trampled on. Trampling on his front (chest, stomach and a little bit on his penis) and on his back are taking place during the clip. But most of the trampling is on his front body. Basically Miss Patricia has just changed her outfit for that clip. Despite the pain he is taking on, the slave is pretty quiet the whole time. He just moans from time to time.You can enjoy some close ups and some full body angles.

Human Doormat for Miss Patricia - Second Part

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