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Lady Scarlet – Enjoy suffering, suffer enjoying

Today I am relaxed and I dont want to make an effort. I have a doormat at my feet waiting to be stepped on, but to his surprise it wont be me, but Maya. I call her and she runs. She is dressed in a cheeky way and her clothes can make her look like an innocent girl. She actually goes on the human mat with her sneakers and then has them take them off, making him smell the stinky socks. Hahaha my girl learns fast! By now she knows how to treat a slave. She just needs to get more practice with the trampling but thats why I left the field for her. Meanwhile, I enjoy the show and fool around. But curious to see his reactions, I order him to take off his boxers. Maya, on the other hand, takes off her socks and crushes him under her damp feet. I put my shoes on the pea and play with it. I ponder aloud that it is a long time since I allow the slave to cum and this may be the right occasion. But if he has to earn it! While I masturbate him I tell Maya to get all her weight on the doormats face. He will enjoy suffering, suffering he will enjoy! And so as sweaty feet crush him, my hand makes him splash on my veiled foot…

Lady Scarlet - Enjoy suffering, suffer enjoying

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