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Lady Scarlet – A mat for 3 Women

Here I am at a party with two of my mistress friends and lethals like me, Cleo Domina and Gea Domina. During a previous meeting with a fetishist, we learned of a very active person in the fetish world known as Gigi Tappy. Intrigued by what they say about him, we turn to the party eager to meet him. We meet him almost by chance and after the initial surprise we immediately check if what they say about him is true. We have him lay bare-chested and begin testing his sole licking skills before moving on to his specialty: trampling resistance. We climb on him in heels, first in turns then all together. We let him take off our shoes only with the use of his mouth and go back to jumping on our new doormat. We are three expert dominatrixes but we are still struck by his resistance: two feet crush his face, two jump on his abdomen and two others walk on his genitals but he doesnÂ’t seem to be hurting. Happy with the new acquaintance, we leave to go get something to drink and then who knows, maybe we come back for another round …

Lady Scarlet - A mat for 3 Women

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