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Ariadna – Hand Trampling in Vintage Heels

Ariadna came home and saw that stupid slave didnt clean the floor properly. She decide to punish Alex and trample his hands. Ariadna stomps slaves hands with her full weight (66kg / 145lbs) and without any pity. She wants to trample slaves palm into the dirty floor. Alex screams because Ariadna cause him a lot of pain with her heavy heels and solid wooden soles. Poor slave cant run away and only way to him is cry and suffer. His bony hands became red. Also Ariadna stomps and squeezes Alexs hands until she can saw a really deep and heavy footprints from her shoes. Otherwise she became angry and crushes slaves fingers to see some really good marks and shoe prints.

Ariadna - Hand Trampling in Vintage Heels

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