Trampling Clips


ITALIAN SPEAKINGToday Im with my friend at The Golden Whip Dungeon in Milan. We have a slave that is going to enjoy the luxury of receiving the attention of two beautiful mistresses. However, we have a little surprize in store for our bitch. We begin by getting him to worship our beautiful stiletto heels, as we dig them into his body making and balls making him squeal with pain. We notice he is getting aroused by our painful attentions. So my friend decides to make good use of his throbbing cock. She pulls on a pair of black latex gloves and touches his cock. He thinks hes going to enjoy a sensual latex handjob. Not today… After lubing his cock, she takes off her shoe and begins to thrust her sharp stiletto into his tiny pipe hole. Our bitch squeals with pain as we continue to make him suffer. With her long keel completely inside his cock, she begins to give him his handjob. However, its short lived and he moans as she lets go if his throbbing cock and pulls out her shoe as we continue to make him suffer his painful Stiletto Hell…


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