Trampling Clips


SIMONA – EXTREME Trampling in Elegant High Heel SandalsSupersexy Simona wears her elegant high heel sandals and stands on the slave, starting to trampling him without mercy! She stomps him hard as she stands on him and she makes him lick the soles of her shoes clean. Bratty Simona STOMPS his face hard and crushes his throat and after she stands on his dick and tramples it under her sandals! She has a totally natural and elegant style as she destroys her slave under her! For the finish (last 1,5 minute of the clip), she removes her sandals and she tramples her slave brutally barefoot before she lets him down there crushed!SIMONA – Not So Romantic – BRUTAL Trampling and FacestandingAfter the trampling in sandals, now Simona continues to trample her slave barefoot and even harder!!! She kicks and stomps his body and tramples his dick hard full weight. Bratty Simona cannot even see her slaves ugly face, so she stomps it and kicks it brutally and stands on it for long, over and over again! Simona has her personal style of trampling, so elegant and so hard at the same time, melting her slaves face and body under her feet, in style!ADRIANNA – EXTREME Foot Domination, Facetrampling and Facekicking in the Facebox Bratty Adrianna is looking hot in her short black dress and she wants to play with her slaves face under her creamy feet! She puts him on the facebox and steps on it and starts the party! Adrianna makes him worship her feet, sucking the toes and licking the sole as she runs it on his tongue! She stands full weight on his face and she tramples his face crushing it. Of course she gives him some hard kicks and stomps on his face, before he allows him to lick her feet again!ADRIANNA And SIMONA – BRUTAL Trampling And Facestanding NON STOPThe slave is half naked on the floor and the trampling party begins! Adrianna and Simona start to trample the slave brutally, both together on him, kicking and stomping his face and body as they stand on him! One of them stands on his face and tramples it, as the other destroys his body or tramples and stands full weight on his dick! It is amazing how much they enjoy and how natural is to crush a man under their full weight, the two bratty girls have no mercy! For goodbye, they trample superhard, stomp and jump on the slaves face!!!


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