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ENOLA – MOST SAVAGE FACE DEMOLITION – Super high face jump, extreme facebusting, face kicking

Custom Request : The most cruel, brutal, sadistic and savage clip youve ever made, with plenty of POV angles too to see your expressions during the clip. 25 min Non-Sopt no cutsExtreme barefoot face jumping cruelty, facestanding challenge (like 2 to 5 minutes or more per facestanding, as much as you want your slave to suffer) and extreme savage facebusting / facekicking.The slave really cannot move his head and is always attacked with his face straight on. He is in a facebox or whatever, with his face clear enough to always receive a maximum of impact and suffering. Really have no mercy or consideration for your slave, in this clip you decide to literally slaughter him, make him scream, scream, cry in pain and constantly verbally humiliate him, but this makes you laugh and you are even wilder and cruel to him suddenly.Throughout the couple you alternate face jumping, face kicking face standing, without ever giving your slave 5 seconds of respite, really a massacr, extreme cruelty and savagery on your part, he will live a real hell without being able to breathe another things that your feet, and this going on all the way. All the time you explode his face and laugh at his plight. For the face jumping hold on to a bar or put your hands on something to be able to take support and make enormous jumps in repetitions and ultra brutal (50x in a row without stopping you see + even, same for the facekicking) your slave will beg to stop but it makes you laugh and you are even wilder.Enola:This is the most savage clip Ive made to destroy a slave face, its really savage and sadistic, if you find a harder clip on the net e mail me and I will make a harder one for free. Only for hard stomping and brutal trampling lovers.

ENOLA - MOST SAVAGE FACE DEMOLITION - Super high face jump, extreme facebusting, face kicking

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