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Czech Trampling Duo – Lady G and Mistress Pandora

My Dear customers. You know Mistress Pandora and Lady G already. Very beautiful and stunning mistresses. They are here this time to trample the slaves and having some fun. As you can see one of the slaves is very big guy, but the other guy is so skinny. The big guy is called Bitrack and the skinny guy is called just a slave. The mistresses are having a lot of fun. They really like the humiliation and trampling and especially while they are standing on top of the slaves seeing them beneath their boots and used them as a human carpet. The clip is not extreme itself, its more just having fun trampling the slaves, but not hard. There are not many close ups, but there is a lot of full body views. Actually almost the entire clip. Lady G is wearing flat boots with rough soles and Mistress Pandora is wearing her black leather high heeled boots. The mistresses really have fun humiliating the slaves.

Czech Trampling Duo - Lady G and Mistress Pandora

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