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Julia – Hand Trampling in Silver Heels

Julia tramples slaves hands on the stairs in her beautiful silver high heels with her full weight (60kg / 132lbs). She stomps, squeezes, and twists poor Alexs hands and fingers. Julia also goes up and down the stairs and stands on the slaves hands only on one foot for some time. Btw Julas heels are very thin and sharp so a lot of pain is guaranteed to the slaves palms. Alex is cries and asks Julia to stop or, at least, take off her cruel heels. She granted his request and stomps slaves hands without shoes in her sweaty pantyhose. But Julia thinks that it not enough cruel and put on her shoes again. She continue to crushes Alexs hands and to add some more pain she even jumps in her heels on red and trampled slaves hands.

Julia - Hand Trampling in Silver Heels

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