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ENGLISH SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – Wearing flat soled sandals and a sexy black dom outfit with leggings. You order your little slave to be flat on the floor and crawl towards you like a worm. You then make him lick, kiss and suck each of your sandals and your toes while your feet are flat on the floor, one foot at a time. You then step on the side of your slaves face, and push your weight down to squeeze his head like a worm. Then you step on his chest and stomach with one foot and squeeze him very flat like a little slave under your taller self.You then have slaves small cock locked tightly in a cock board, and step his cock flat under sandals and given him a strong pressure shoejob with the sandals. All the while with his cock flat under them, you keeping rubbing and milking him under the sandals. When he is close to cum, you just apply weight on his cock with your sandals flat. Aggressively you order him to cum under your feet, and he scoots everywhere. You continue to rub the cock flat to make sure its all out the cum from his little dick.After he cums you remove your sandals and you strongly and firmly flatten his cock under your barefoot. You begin to slowly but firmly rub it until its so red and sensitive the slave begs you to stop. However, you dont stop until the slave cries from the sensitive cock. You continue to verbally dominate him, as your foot makes his cock red, wet, and swollen from the mixture of cum and lube under your foot. Finally you give the slave five extremely hard stomps on the cock, and after he licks the soles of your feet you walk away…


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