Trampling Clips


ENGLISH SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – Mistress Gaia and one of her master friends trample a slave together. Mistress Gaia is wearing dirty chunky boots and her master friend is wearing dirty shoes as well. The slave is lying naked on his back. Miss Gaia first stands on the slaves chest and bounces on him. Her master friend laughs and kicks the side of the slave. Miss Gaia then invites her master friend to stand on the slave next to her. The Master is hesitant as he has not trampled a slave before. But miss Gaia is keen to see him try so she convinces him that it?s just a worthless slave and it doesn?t matter if he gets hurt. Miss Gaia is standing on the slaves chest while she explains to her Master friend what to do. She tells the Master to stand on the slaves stomach. He steps up and his boots squish the poor slaves belly. The slave is under a lot of pressure with Gaia and her master friend both standing on him at the same time.Miss Gaia and the master use each other to help balance as they stand on the Squishy slave. They kneed his chest and belly under their boots. Miss Gaia continues to teach the master the art of trampling. Miss Gaia begins to get turned on by the act of trampling a slave with a hot Master by her side. Miss Gaia initiates a kissing session with the Master while they are both standing on the slave. They focus on kissing and forget that his vital organs are straining under their careless feet. Gaia and the Master swap places so the master is on the slaves chest and Gaia is crushing the stomach. They continue to kiss and caress each other. They remove their shoes and continue trampling the slave in socks and barefoot. Making the slave worship their feet and lick them clean. This is the ultimate form of humiliation to be under both a man and a woman?s feet while they laugh and ignore the slave. The trampling session ends when Gaia decides to take the Master into her bedroom for sexual activities…


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