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Lady Anastasia – Hangover – BRUTAL Trampling In Combat Boots

Superbeautiful and bratty Anastasia loves to party hard, but of course she hates the morning with hangover. Her houseslave is always there for her to treat her as she orders him, until she recovers! Anastasia did her hangover ritual and she already feels much better, so she puts her fashion combat style boots to go for coffee with her girlfriends. Of course she must reward her slave for his services and his price is more brutal trampling under her boots! Anastasia is now full of energy and she enjoys it by trampling hard her slave, jumping on him, kicking and stomping him brutally! She tramples his dick and crushes his throat, standing full weight on it and she stands full weight on his face, destroying it under the very raw sole of her boots! She tramples his face hard making him moan in pain and she brutally kicks him some more times, leaving him on the floor in deep pain as she leaves to enjoy the day with her girlfriends!

Lady Anastasia - Hangover - BRUTAL Trampling In Combat Boots

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