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This is the first time I have dedicated a Full clip focusing on THROAT/NECK trampling of my slaveboy. He is used to be trampled by me on his body, face even neck…  but never totally on the neck like this!I make him lay on the floor  … it will be a very hard trampling, I will let my weight fall on his neck until I sink into his throat and he has to endure without falling resting… First I started trampling his neck with my toes and then I went down to generate more and more pressure to his windpipe, I was able to hear the difficulty he has to breathe and see his face turning red, then I used my heels to press on his neck and also the sides of my feet that are the hard parts, sometimes I rested a foot in his face but most of the time he had to bear my FULL WEIGHT … he keeps coughing so much!!! After several attempts he kept trying to remove my foot with his hand so I had to tied his right hand to his legs with one of my leather straps… this way he only has the left hand to try for my weight ( lets make it harder)… for several  minutes I kept torturing his neck and throat trampling it very hard with my full weight… He kept trying to take my weight off of him using the other hand … So I had to tie his other hand too and leave him completely immobile… (Even when I tied his hand I put my foot in his throat so he can feel my power) His breathing was so hard and he was not able  stop coughing … Now without hands to try to hold my weight … lets see how much he can resist … I dropped my weight on his neck totally and I ordered him not to pass out and to keep eyes opened! … he almost fell resting… finally I pressed REALLY REALLY  hard on the sides of his neck until all my feet sink into his throat leaving my heels on his lips, I ordered him not to fall resting! but he still couldnt control it and left for a while!!! Lovely pure neck and throat trampling clip with my new hair 😛


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