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Mistress Natalia – Trampling after Jog

Mistress Natalia comes to the hotel after jog. Lazy slave is lying on the floor and dreaming. She tramples her human carpet with her full weight (70kg / 154lbs). First she tramples Alex in her dirty street sneakers. Then she stomps Alex in black socks. Her socks are very sweaty and stinky after morning jog, so she put her feet on the slaves face and now he can smell this divine and strong aroma. But then Mistress Natalia thinks that it isnt enough for Alex and put her stinky socks inside slaves mouth and press it with her feet. She also put her very sweaty and stinky barefoot on the Alexs face and gives him chance to smell her strong aroma from feet.

Mistress Natalia - Trampling after Jog

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